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Formulated & Initiated By

Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera (AKB).

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AATechnoWorld Research Institute

For Science & Technology

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Formulated & Initiated By

Mr. Ashis KUmar Behera (AKB).


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AATWRI is a system, which is very deliberately customized to provide Research Initiative to those who have Passion in Research & Development.

Research & Development

AATWRI is a dedicated organization for implementation research initiative from the grass hood level of the students for making such thing this possible. AATWRI plotted initiative plans for development of science & Technology by research in various fields.


The most interesting thing is the format of training in which AATWRI have designed stage 1 & stage 2 training in which Technical Tour, Seminar & workshops are the intermediate plan of the training program of our organization.


Internship plan are provided for the students pursuing for career in research & development through different time period in the field of science & technology.

Startup Initiative

Start-up is an ongoing trend in the Indian field of technological development so AATWRI also gives hands to such initiative through various types of procedural agreements under the roof of AATWRI Group, to build entrepreneurs in our society.

Project Patent

Intellectual properties are the treasure for a research so under consideration of the intellectual property guidelines AATWRI providing Patent facility to the selective research papers.

Paper Publish

This is also an innovative plan for the development of science & technology only selective paper will be published.


Welcome to the world of Science & Technology, AATWRI stands for AATechnoWorld Research Institute formulated & Initiated by Head of the Directorate Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera (AKB)


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